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Hey giys quick thing. If any of you remember the elfairy people I had been making. I was wondering if i could get your opinion about making the fairy people be slightly mixed with supernatural creatures like vampires, whitchs, ghost etc. Let me know. Thank you <3
Yu-Gi-Oh- Sapphire why.. by YugixYamiLove4ever
Yu-Gi-Oh- Sapphire why..
How long has it been XD
Heres Sapphire and Yami
best morons

who gets that last reference XD

Noragami- Oc- Haru (UPDATED) by YugixYamiLove4ever
Noragami- Oc- Haru (UPDATED)
I made an OC for Noragami.
His Name is Haru, he is a regalia to my friend :icongoodbytescomics: Oc Aki.

As for his backstory:

Haru is at the age of 15. He died rather young due to a heart failure.
As a kid growing up was hard for Haru. His heart was so fragile things were
hard on him, having friends, doing actives even being happy. Haru never
truly had any friends. All he had was a older sister Fumiko and amazing parents.
That's all he could ask for, sadly his life was taken from him when he was 15.
3 days before is 16 birthday. He roamed around for sometime. Until he was found 
by Aki, who claimed Haru to be her Regalia. He is rather scared about having friends
due to the past. But after a while he became good friends with Yato and Yukine.
And Kazuma had become his lover. Unlike Yukine, Haru remembers his past all to well. 

Name: Hatsuharu (Goes by Haru) 
Age: 15
Height: 5'3
Hair: Maroon
Eyes: Sliver 
Clothing: Black beanie, gray hoodie, white shirt.
Additional: 2 piercings on right ear, wears bracelet (Each charm was given to him by his family
members each have different meanings)
Symbol: Left shoulder  

Sooooooooooooooo yeah :P


YugixYamiLove4ever's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Oh hai!!! Welcome to my DeviantART page :D Glad your here!!! Sooooo let me tell you about myself. I love Action and comedy movies, I love anime with all my heart, drawing is one of my main Pastime actives and Video Games rule!!!!!! I tend to do A LOT of MMD stuff, don't be afraid to ask me for any helping regarding that, or something personal. I love Helping others. :heart:

Anime facts;
My Favourite anime couples in order
1) Homestuck. :iconkarkatplz: :heart: :iconsolluxplz:
2) Attack On Titan. :iconerenplz: :heart: :iconsmartassleviplz:
3)Homestuck. :iconkarkatshowdownplz: :heart: :iconsolluxshowdownplz:
4)Yu-Gi-Oh!. :iconyamiyugi--plz: :heart: :iconyugimutouplz:
5) Homestuck. :iconjakeenglish-plz: :heart: :icondirkplz:
6) Attack On Titan. :iconarminplz: :heart: :iconjeangrinplz:
7) Homestuck. :iconjohnegbertplz: :heart: :icondavesplz:
8) Homestuck. :icongamzeeplz: :heart: :icontavrosplz:
9)Five Nights At Freddy's. :iconfoxythepirateplz: :heart: :iconbonniethebunnyplz:
10)Devil May Cry. :iconneroplz: :heart: :icondanteplz:
11) Yu-Gi-Oh!. :iconjoeywheelerplz: :heart: :iconsetokaibaplz:

Proud Supporter Of Solkat Stamp by xXHussie-ChanXx Proud Supporter of SignlessPSII Stamp by xXHussie-ChanXx Proud Supporter of DirkJake Stamp by xXHussie-ChanXx Proud Supporter of JohnDave Stamp by xXHussie-ChanXx Proud supporter of GamTav Stamp by xXHussie-ChanXx Proud Supporter of Kantuna Stamp by xXHussie-ChanXx Proud supporter of Rosemary Stamp by xXHussie-ChanXx Striders Gonna Stride Stamp by ardria Rage GIF by SkaianAngel Hope GIF by SkaianAngel Best Moment Ever Stamp by CrystheWaterNinja Doom GIF by SkaianAngel Blood GIF by SkaianAngel Homestuck Stamp - Anti - Vantascest by Skarkat Homestuck Stamp - Anti - Stridercest by Skarkat karkat stamp 2 by rynald Alpha Kids Stamp by CrystheWaterNinja
Anti AraSol stamp by Junkie-Ampora Derse Dreamer 2.0 by SkaianAngel this makes sense by windwakers thii2 ii2 pretty 0k by Dametora Homestuck Stamp by CrystheWaterNinja Mambostuck John by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Dave by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Rose by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Tavros by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Sollux by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Karkat by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Nepeta by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Kanaya by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Terezi by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Vriska by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Equius by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Gamzee by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Eridan by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Feferi by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Alpha Kids by SkaianAngel

Attack On Titan:
Scouting Legion Stamp [Shingeki no Kyojin] by SuzukeAmaterasu Stamp Shingeki no Kyojin by AtsuKiro Attack on Titan Stamp by pikachu205 SnK: Salute stamp by themuffinshota
Hanji Zoe Stamp by Nabiryi Ymir x Christa stamp by LadyEmpathy Attack On Titan Stamp: Amrin 4 by wow1076 Attack On Titan Stamp: Armin 3 by wow1076
Levi stamp by Superpluplush Eren stamp by Superpluplush Levi stamp by Superpluplush Levi/Rivaille Stamp by Nabiryi
Eren x Levi Stamp by Nabiryi How do you stamp by HappuDiePie RivaillexEren Stamp by byakurans Levi x Eren Stamp by Nabiryi
F2U - Jean x Armin Stamp by vvhiskers F2U - Jean x Armin Stamp by vvhiskers Levi vs Female Titan - SNK Stamp by Felune-Bun Attack On Titan Stamp: Levi Saving Eren by wow1076
Christa Renz Stamp by Nabiryi Ymir Stamp by Nabiryi Sasha Braus Stamp by Nabiryi Eren Jaeger Stamp by Nabiryi

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Main Things you'll see on this page:
-Attack on Titan
-MY own work
-Random artwork

My Famliy Tree:

Older Sisters:
:iconinvaderblitzwing: :iconluvcatz94: :iconyueloverforever:
:iconclovercave: :iconiba2001: :iconjayjayanimelover2000:
Little sisters:
:iconsarahalexis13: :iconpinkheather26: :iconinvaderzimgirl23:
Okay So I need to inform you guys of updates.

So I plan to get around to AskMMDShippings soon
but right now exams are coming up and I can't afford to 
do anything regrading that. I will get back into it

My Yugioh comics, Fnaf comics and Homestuck comics will
get an update after exams. I'm sorry for lack of updates

Okay so you guys know full well what I enjoy.
Yugioh, Homestuck, Attack On titan, Cyborg 009, and many others.
For a time being I left the Fnaf fandom but I'm back in it
because the fandom has calmed down finally.
However I left one more fandom. 


This makes me sad to say but I will not stay in that fandom after
what it has become. I love the characters so much (Expect Flowey,Chara
and Alphys) but some people take it to far. In case you aren't fully aware
the fandom is becoming disgusting. It's filled with so much fucking sex.
People drawing themselves fucking Sans or Papyrus. People giving skeleton
dicks, making Naptasblook having sex, people destroying the characters true
personality. I just can' take that bullshit. Toby Fox didn't want the fandom to
become this, sadly it has and I no longer want to be in it. Until this fandom
dies out, I'm leaving so Undertale fan-art is being stopped by me. 
Understand I love undertale, but the fandom I hate

Love you all

Merry Christmas to you all.
I hope your holiday is the best!!

And happy birthday to Levi Ackerman!!
Our short but badass scout leader!!!

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Yugilover1 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016
hey YugixYamilove4ever watch this video
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hi yami i was wondering if u love me :)
sweetiepie01 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  New Deviant Student Artist
To the puzzlebabies I have a question

Yami what do you think about Blindshipping (Atem X Yugi) and Rivalshipping

Yugi same question to you to but different about Blindshipping and Prideshipping

Give me your opinions on those pairings
SkyCircle777 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks for the faves :)
YugixYamiLove4ever Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome
pinkrosedemon24 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2015
Hey yugi. I have question. Do you remember when I asked S0 Yami why he flipped off the camera in that panda hero MV? Well, I recently got a reply to a comment i made on said video and they said that you flip off the camera as well, at 2:55!! Why on earth would you do this!! I expect this sort of behavior of S0 Yami or even Atem! But not you!!! D8
MMD-Kai Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015
Hey, are you asks still open?
YugixYamiLove4ever Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes they still are
MMD-Kai Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015
Okay. Well um...this is for Yugi and Yami if their open.
Le sigh. I need help.
So...I got back together with my boyfriend roughly two months ago. That wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for his fucking ex. Oh my god. She is a god damn monster. She has harassed me and my friends and has caused self-harms and suicide attempts. IT'S BEEN ALMOST TWO MONTHS AND SHE WONT STOP.
My friends and I have tried EVERYTHING we could but nothing has happened.
She has called so many names and I have screenshots of her telling me to go kill myself and that if I died, she'd just laugh. 
I'm so sorry if this is attention seeking but I have 20+ cuts/scars from this her. And these are only within a three-four week span. I've tried to end my life FOUR times over her, one involving actually running out in traffic. Like last Friday, 12/4...I almost bled to death from what she has said to me. I literally was laying on my bedroom floor, dizzy as shit and terrified and didn't know what to do. When she found out, she just laughed it off. Didn't care.

My mom knows about all of it. She has even pulled my innocent mom into it and caused my mom a breakdown. My mom literally hugged me and begged me to hold on longer and that she was sorry she can't stop it. 
Yami and/or Yugi, I don't know what to do...It's shattered me. It's made my life nothing but hell and my depression really bad. The fact that someone wants me dead hurts.
Sorry if that's long...  -MMD-Kai/FluffykinsKai
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